01 Jun

Moonwalk on global challenges

Astronaut Footprint on the Moon Apollo 11 Mission July 20, 1969 (Purestock)

Kenneth Winter of Moonwalk has sent Innovation Norway a short presentation with proposals on how Norwegian industry might target global challenges.

To the question » How might we inspire a nation about global
problems looking for Norwegian solutions?», Moonwalk replies that
we should identify the «unfair advantages» of Norway:

«[This process] Ends in clearly defined Missions where ‘1 Billion+ people’ problems would benefit from World Class competence from Norway.»

If you can solve a global problem, you have a world market waiting for you.

You can download the presentation here: 7-THINGS-Moonwalk-Drommeloftet

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Moonwalk has also published a video from its own Dream Commitment event  on March 24 2015, which took place in Innovation Norway’s building in downtown Oslo.

Keynote speakers included Jan Grønbech (Country Director, Google Norway), Kenneth Winther (CEO, Moonwalk), Morten Holthe (Moonwalk Tomorrow Astronaut), Daniela Tomova (Moonwalk Tomorrow Astronaut), and Bård Stranheim (Director Entrepreneurs & Startups at Innovation Norway).

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